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Hong Kong is officially the richest city in mainland China. Hong Kong is an autonomous territory of China on the Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong Labor market is very open to expats. 

In this article we will try to highlight 5 essential fundamentals which refer to the job opportunities and working conditions in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong economy 

Hong Kong economic strength appears in the tertiary activities (service sector), financial services and tourism on which Hong Kong economy relies heavily.
While the agriculture sector and manufacturing industries are respectively almost absent or very weak.
The service sector is at the origin of more than 90% of the regional GDP. It also employs more than 85% of the total active population, furthermore considered as a service center to all Asian companies and enterprises.

Working Conditions in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong working hours are set between 40 to 48 hours per week depending on the number of recognized working days, at the rate of 8 hours per day.
Night shift starts at 7.00pm and finishes at 7.00am.
Law doesn’t impose any pay for overtime, so the fact of working overtime is very common and legal, moreover many employees do overtime.
The employees have the right to one day off per week.
The exact number of paid leave is defined by the employer as agreed on the working contract, although all employees benefit from the 12 local holidays. 
The Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW) has come into force since 1 May 2011. With effect from 1 May 2017, the SMW rate is raised from $32.5 per hour to $34.5 per hour.  

How to find a job in Hong Kong

Many sectors tend to hire expats, particularly in the following areas: finance, automotive, IT, commerce, communication, and education. Another promising sector for expatriates looking for a Job in Hong Kong is the light industries, although they are largely made up of SME.
The steps to follow to find a job in Hong Kong are relatively simple.
Actually given that Hong Kong is developed city, also thanks to the various websites and systems dedicated to recruitment in the region, headhunters and recruiters are accustomed to the online recruitment.
Hence, it’s still possible to check local newspapers or go through openings and job offers published by your countries Chamber of commerce or any other country’s chamber of commerce in Hong Kong.
But the Key to make a quick and efficient job search is to build a strong network.
Many associations from different countries help forging ties with professionals from various sectors and backgrounds in Hong Kong. There is also a very practical way that will facilitate the process of finding a job in case facing some difficulties, which is through recruitment agencies.  

Work Permit

You must first obtain a formal job offer, then applying for a work permit.
Hong Kong is accessible to skilled labor and professionals with a clearance certificate that proves that their criminal record is clean.
Must hold certificates and diplomas that helps prove their qualifications, experience and skills in the field or area they are willing to work in.
There must be a need and vacancies that corresponds to their profiles or that their skills are limited or unavailable among Hong Kong residents.
You should take into consideration as a job seeker that the working permit is only available for one year and only allows you to have one position and must be supported by the employer at the time of the application to the authorities (Immigration Department) of Hong Kong, moreover the application has to be presented to the authorities prior to arrival to Hong Kong territory.

Social Security

There is no social security in Hong Kong. However, there is what we call professional insurance that covers some specific matters. For instance, it covers accidents at working place… 
Some contracts might include some medical care coverage; this is generally something to take into consideration while receiving the contract proposal. 
Any additional or ccomplementary insurance policies will be at the employees responsibility regardless of their employment status and employer.

The Top ten list of recruitment positions in Hong Kong 

    1 IT 
    2 Sales Representatives
    3 Accounting & finance staff
    4 Management / Executive (Management / Corporate)
    5 Engineers
    6 Sales Managers
    7 Technicians
    8 Customer Service Representatives and Customer Support
    9 Secretaries, PAs, Receptionists, Administrative assistants & Office support staff
    10 Drivers

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