Talent Spot Won the “Trustworthy Human Resources Services Unit” for Three Consecutive Years

Recently, Talent Spot won the prize of “2015 Trustworthy Human Resources Services Unit” awarded by Shanghai Human Resources Consulting Association. This is the third time that Talent Spot won the award.

The “Trustworthy Human Resources Services Unit” event, hosted by Shanghai Human Resources Consulting Association has been hosted for years, which aims to honor trustworthy and professional HR units with good reputation, to improve the service standard in HR services industry, and to encourage and guide HR units towards healthy development. Under the principle of “being fair, open and just”, the event selects winners mainly according to their “annual operating condition”, “institutional checks and the number of certified personnel” and “law compliance”. The results came out that Talent Spot was approved unanimously to be ranked in the list by the judges for its great performance.

Talent Spot had won the Trustworthy Human Resources Services Unit for recent three consecutive years, marking its stability, consistency and accuracy in service quality and reflecting the trust and concern from professional accreditation body, customers and the market. Meanwhile, it was also a proof of Talent Spot maintaining characteristic services in its rapid development.

Talent Spot saw a tremendous growth in customer number from 2013-2015. Our customers cover various industries and most of them are benchmark companies, e.g., GE, Hitachi, Baidu, SAIC-GM etc.. The “customized, refined and one-stop” services act as the momentum in our business development. Upholding the service quality of “integrity, flexibility, customers first” is the driving force for our sustainable development. These advantages were key for Talent Spot winning customer’s trust and recognition.

For all members of Talent Spot, the recognition by professional accreditation body, customers and the market is a great incentive. We will take this as a new starting point and continue ongoing optimization and upgrading of skills, so as to provide better services for customers and the industry.

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