Recommended HR Supplier in Asia-Pacific Region

On April 29, 2016, the results of the "International HR Suppliers", "Asia-Pacific HR Suppliers", "One Belt and One Road HR Suppliers" and "HR Suppliers in China" event, hosted by Shanghai Human Resource Consulting Association were released. Talent Spot won the title of "Recommended HR Supplier in Asia-Pacific Region". This is the second award granted by authority organizations that Talent Spot won in this April. 

According to information, why Shanghai Human Resource Consulting Association held this event is to "coordinate the grand strategy of economic globalization and One Belt and One Road of China, to reflect the service capability of HR service industry in Shanghai in the international trading area, One Belt and One Road trading area, domestic trading area and local trading area", and to "establish an industrial benchmark and provide a reference for cross-regional business of each trade when selecting HR suppliers."

Chary Zhu, the founder and CEO of Talent Spot considers that this event "keeps pace with the top strategy of China," which has far-reaching significance. According to relevant data, in 2015, the service outsourcing contract amount related to countries of "One Belt, One Road" reached 17,830 million US dollars and the amount executed reached 12,150 million US dollars. The year-on-year growth rates are 42.6% and 23.4% respectively. "Taken together, with the continuous implementation of the economic globalization and 'One Belt, One Road' strategy, the development of the outsourcing industry will tend to stronger regional cooperation, and the service will be required to be more cross-boundary integrative."

As the leading HR supplier in China, with the vision of "becoming the leader in the global HR industry", Talent Spot is committed to "helping more enterprises". Chary Zhu introduces that the current resources of Talent Spot cover over 100 cities in China and six countries in Asia-Pacific region, and we are advancing towards regionalization and internationalization. "We could provide integrated solutions including talent recruiting, talent outsourcing, placement of the current teams of the clients, finance, IT and administration, etc. for the foreign investors who intend to enter into China and the Chinese enterprises who intend to carry out overseas business, helping the enterprises to carry out business in a new city before establishing firms or representative offices. Meanwhile, the enterprises could suspend their operation according to needs without bearing much risk. Therefore, they could operate in strange regions conveniently."

Winning the title of "Recommended HR Supplier in Asia-Pacific Region" show that the regionalization development of Talent Spot has achieved initial success and drawn the attention in the market. Chary Zhu says that: "Talent Spot will continue to accumulate resources and optimize our service to attract more excellent talents, so as to offer better solutions to return the recognition of the market."

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