Talent Spot Won the “Best HR Supplier”: An Interpretation of Craftsmanship in HR Service Industry

June 2, 2016, Talent Spot won the “Best HR Supplier” of China BOLE Award given by ENFOVIA.COM, the op human resources institute of China. Serge Ajamiam, Associate Director of Talent Spot received the award on behalf of the Company. ENFOVIA.COM gave its presentation words as “Talent Spot provides customized, high-quality outsourcing and recruitment services that enable customers to focus on their core business so as to maintain dominance in market competition.” Serge said only customized and high-quality services would create real values for customers and thus the standard for employees would be raised as they are required to preserve craftsmanship all the time. 

“Craftsmanship” stands for “excellent, rigorous, dedicated and professional”. Premier LI Keqiang made clear in his government work report that “Encourage enterprises to carry out customized and flexible production, cultivate a craftsmanship of excellence, increase varieties, improve quality, and create brands.” This is the first time that “craftsmanship” was mentioned in the government work report, which signaled that the central government wished and demanded “craftsmanship” across industries. The “craftsmanship” is reflected in the quality and innovation of tangible products in many industries, while it is directly reflected in customer's recognition and trust in HR service industry. In the HR services industry, customer’s trust and recognition mean “the irreplaceable”, which generates from the service quality and flawless procedures. What’s more important, providing flexible and unique services is key to create real values for customers. ”

Since its inception, Talent Spot has been adopting the development strategy of excellency and refinement, focusing on optimizing and upgrading services, giving full play to the services through innovative tools, and never blindly participates in pricing war. Talent Spot’s CEO Chary Zhu once said that such a development concept required huge manpower and capital input, “in the short term, our investment is huge, but in the long term, it can help employees build professional attitude and good quality, cultivate positive corporate culture and create a trusted brand. ”

Guiding by such a concept, Talent Spot created a unique “BOT” mode, i.e. “one project is perfectly designed to meet customer’s demands, and every effort is made to ensure no fault in the implementation, and a criteria of integrity and transparency is followed when the project is delivered.” The BOT mode guarantees the flawlessness and flexibility of the services. As Serge says, “many of our clients are business benchmarks in their industry. Their feedbacks indicate they are impressed by this mode as it can save their energies in many aspects and enable them to focus on their core business.” He further says that, as partner to our customers, HR practitioners should help push customers to give full play to their “craftsmanship” by virtue of our own “craftsmanship”. We help enterprises maintain the non-core businesses to enable them to concentrate on their core business and establish a virtuous circle, so that all sectors and all walks of life will practice the “craftsmanship”. This is the ultimate goal that HR practitioners should have. ”

More than 80 participants ran at the “Best HR Suppliers” of China BOLE Award, and ten of them stood out after public review and assessment by professional judges. This is the third award issued by the authority organization that Talent Spot won in 2016. Participation in the event was an opportunity to push self-development and to encourage all employees to practice the “craftsmanship”, so that we can provide high quality services for clients and the market. ”  

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